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What kind of dog mum are you?

Are you the kind of person who checks their phone as soon as they wake up? …or are you more likely to reach for your dog and ask them if they slept well last night?

If you are the later then this voucher is for you. 

Treat yourself to the ultimate in bonding experience for you and your pup. You wouldn’t feed your dog cheap kibble with the nutritional value of cardboard, so why settle for images of your best mate that are blurry or look like the outtakes from a bad movie.

Celebrate the bond with your beloved companion in a way that truly reflects their unique personality and your special connection. Our exclusive mother’s day voucher offers a package that goes beyond the ordinary. Priced at $145, this limited time offer includes:

  • A personalised portrait session
  • A 10inch wooden print of your favourite image
  • A Rustie and Co coffee table book 
  • A hand drawn sketch of your pooch complete with a white mount and 
  •  $100 credit towards additional wall art of your choice.

Your portrait experience includes a diverse range of  styles, including action shots and captivating landscapes. We aim to capture the essence of your furry companion that really resonates with you. 

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Now only $145

Check out our work below

Imagine a beautiful sunrise walk over Boulder’s beach catching the early morning rays before anyone else is awake. While breathing in the fresh air and listening to the early bird song, we can get magical images of your dog that will make your friends jealous. If the beach is not your thing, we can go deep into the woods to get a more dramatic, moody result amongst the tall trees and pine cones. If you have a particular location in mind, we can create an adventure there. The point is to find somewhere that everyone is comfortable, but most of all, we want your pet to be at their best. 

Once we have made our last pictures for the day, I will catch up with you approximately a week later at my house This is the best part of the experience because you will get to watch a slideshow of the magic  from the day. You will also be able to see and feel the products on offer and then decide what artwork will best suit your home. 

Be it a large show piece for above your couch,  a collection of acrylics for by the dining table or a book of all the images we have you covered. 

Check the link below for the artwork options available to you

Frequently asked questions

Offer ends 13th May 2024

Well…no one NEEDS a pet photographer, let’s be honest. You can take good pictures with a camera phone…but you don’t want good images…you want the best most authentic picture. You want a gorgeous piece of art that you can hang on your wall. You want a showstopper you can cherish forever…because, let’s face it, you love that dog as much as if it were your own child.

As a professional pet photographer, I have spent countless hours learning new techniques for photographing in different lighting conditions, worked out the most picturesque, dog friendly locations in the area, studied different editing methods to create works of art…not just snapshots. On top of that I am enthusiastic about dog training and have learnt a host of different tricks for getting attention from your pets. You could learn all of that too, but do you have the time or the patience? This is literally my passion and I can’t get enough of it, you will not find someone more dedicated to photographing your precious best mate.

There are lots of other options for print, including artistically designed albums, matted prints that are stored in a wooden box, or table top art like wooden  or prints.

Yes, I encourage owners and their partners to be in the pictures. It adds a new dimension to the artwork and shows the connection you share with your pet. 


Absolutely, I used to have a reactive dog so  I understand the struggles you are going through. I will have a good chat with you to find out what your dog’s needs are and we will find a suitable location. Almost all of the dogs I have worked with have some behaviour issues.


You might be surprised to learn that most of the running pictures of dogs had their leads on (including my own dogs)

With some skill, patience and experience, I am able to successfully remove most leads and collars. Harnesses are harder to remove however, so I do suggest taking the harness off for some images…or choose one that you would like in the pictures.

Now only $145

woman sitting on a bench with two dogs smiling

Hi, I’m Emma . I will be behind the lens when I photograph your much loved pet.

Growing up with pets, I learnt from a young age how much personality and soul they really have. Like most people, I love animals. We can all appreciate how gorgeous they are to look at , but I also have a deep fascination for how they have evolved, and how they interact with each other. One of my favourite things about being with my dogs is when we train together. We really connect during these times, and its when I learn the most about them.

I have always enjoyed photography and the arts, despite my science background. I love how it makes you really capture a beautiful moment in time,  that you might otherwise have not seen if you weren’t looking hard enough. I also love to draw, and never go anywhere without a sketch book.

Rustie and co – Pet photography 0432428002 [email protected]

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