Ok, you have convinced me to be in the photos with my pet, but what should l wear?

Avoid wearing patterns or stripes

The most important thing is not to outshine your pooch. I always advise people to avoid complex designs as much as possible. If your dog is only one colour, you might be able to get away with it, however most of the time, wearing something plain helps to keep the focus on your pooch, especially if you only want to be partly in the frame.

Below is an example of a pattern that does work. Mandy has worn a dress with a floral design, however she and her husband are sticking to a similar colour theme. This means they complement each other, it suits the environment and most of all it doesn’t eclipse their beautiful red cattle dog Ruby.

Choose neutral, warm colours as much as possible, but sometimes a pop of colour can add interest to the portrait.

In the photo above Alexe has made some perfect colour choices. Her clothes complement the back ground and Zephyr’s coat making sure that their connection is really highlighted in this image without distraction.

I love the image above. The owner (Sapna) chose to wear a coat of the most beautiful red colour which added a perfect frame work against Marley’s black fluffy coat. I really feel that this helps to highlight his gorgeous face

Wear something appropriate to your location or bring a change of clothes

Whether we are photographing at the beach or in the forest, we always do a bit of walking and the terrain can get a bit rough. If you want to wear heels in your images, bring a change of shoes for the walk. Some people might want to change their clothes according to the back ground, so feel free to bring a few options with you. Its a good idea to bring accessories or maybe some props that are personal to you for example toys for the dog, bandana, a special blanket or maybe even a guitar!

Make sure you are comfortable

If you are already feeling awkward about having a photoshoot, its not going to help if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes or are worried about how a colour will look on you. Make sure you try your outfit out at home, take some photos with your phone and ask a trusted person their honest opinion. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised by the number of clients that come for a portrait session who didn’t realise their jumper had a hole in it, or the skirt had a stain.

Think about how it will look on your wall

If you are planning to print your images up to hang on your wall, make sure your clothes will look good in your surroundings at home. Don’t wear anything that you might cringe at in a years time or have a colour that will clash with the couch that the picture will be hanging above.

Don’t forget your hair and makeup

Some clients like to get their hair and makeup done prior to the session which is a great idea and I encourage this. Anything that is going to help with your confidence is a good idea. Some people even get their teeth whitened. As a dentist I can advise you that it’s best to stop whitening your teeth at least one week prior to the portrait session. Your teeth get very opaque and artificially white when you first start the process, so its a good idea to let this back off a bit before we take your pictures…we don’t want your teeth the be the subject of your artwork!

Similarly, if you are going to get your eyebrows tinted, do it about a week beforehand as we all know that they can be way too dark at the start and we don’t want you to look like someone has drawn them on with marker pen!

Deciding what to wear in a portrait session can be stressful and cause anxiety, however it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Just remember the key points I have outlined above and if you’re not sure, bring more!

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