dog roo running and jumping in the air

But who is Rustie?

Rustie is a kelpie x kangaroo (a lesser known species of dog called the kelpie Roo) that came into our lives in January 2019. She filled the canine sized hole that was left in our home after the loss of our previous two dogs, who passed away within weeks of each other. Nothing could prepare us for the sadness we felt when our two labradors left this earth. Not sure we were ready for another dog, we spotted her photo in a local animal shelter and knew it was time. She had been in several different homes before she came to ours, and she walked through the door like she owned the place. She was home, and she knew it.

Rustie can jump higher than any kangaroo and would be a gold medalist in the olympic sport of fence jumping. She loves to learn and adores going to dog school on a weekly basis, as long as chicken and sausage are involved. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have come across any edible item that she does not enjoy.

Rustie’s favourite pastimes are eating, chatting, catching up on the local gossip on the street, patrolling her grounds and watching over her dominions. She is also very fond of running and would cop a hefty fine if she were to pass a police radar on the beach. This canine was built for speed and when she is at full pelt, she could out run a bullet from a gun if she had a road long enough to prove it.

She is a supermodel in the pet world and she sure knows how to work the camera to make her character shine through. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of her images and get to know the sass queen that she is. We love you Rustie Roo !

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