Border Collie alice running in the water

Running Dogs

Taking photos of running dogs is not easy, but the rewards make it worth the practice. Here are a few things that I always do when getting shots like this one.

  1. Position: Its imperative to lie down and get to the dog’s eye level, even kneeling is not low enough. Wear old clothes and expect to get dirty…..and if the dog has been running in water, its a given that they will shake all over you.
  2. Shutter Speed: Make sure that you use a fast enough shutter speed and set the camera to continuous burst. 1/800s is the slowest you should use, so make sure your exposure is set to allow for this.
  3. Owner position: Get the owner to stand directly behind you when they call the dog. If they are off to the side, the dog will run off to the side too, and the image won’t have such an impact.

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